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some people were born today. hello babies welcome to the earth. you missed a bunch of stuff while you were busy not existing. jbiebs did some things you would not believe

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i love you im glad you exist im so happy you’re alive

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-whispers- what happened with john green?
asked by Anonymous

Unless something else happened that I’m completely unaware of, it’s actually really silly.

That new tfios movie clip came out, where Augustus and Hazel are talking outside of Support Group—the infamous “metaphor” scene. Well, I don’t know if the backlash is coming from people who haven’t read the book and therefore aren’t familiar with Gus’s character—who is literally described in canon as “a self-aggrandizing bastard” and “pretentious”—or people who read the book and apparently didn’t put that together, but they think that Gus’s attitude and behavior (pulling out a cigarette in front of a girl with lung cancer, the pretentious ridiculousness of “it’s a metaphor”) make Gus problematic and are displeased with the fact that Augustus is, as I saw one post tell it, “tumblr’s newest squeeze.”

The thing is, he has been for a while, with people who read the book. This is nothing new. This is not a new Gus. Ansel Elgort, as far as I can tell, is playing Gus as he’s written, but live action leaves less room for personal interpretation of tone and attitude, and people seem to be a bit startled by that.

So now people (who haven’t read the book?) are blaming John Green for writing such a “problematic character.”

Edit: forgot to add, yes Gus is pretentious and sometimes a jerk. That is not great. That is part of his character, though. A flaw. Everyone has them. It makes them real.
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YA Meme (5/10 series or books) ↪ The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa

“I learned that love can transcend race and time, and that it can be beautiful and perfect and worth fighting for but also fragile and heartbreaking, and sometimes sacrifice is necessary. That sometimes it’s you against the world, and there are no easy answers. That you have to know when to hold on…and when to let go. And even if that love comes back, you could discover something in someone else who has been there all along.” [x]

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yeah but what if fred weasley became a hogwarts ghost

pulling pranks and flirting with seventh-years and telling an over-exaggerated version of his death to anyone who will listen, haunting slytherin first years and popping up in the boring classes and making faces at the teachers behind their backs

skip a few decades. george weasley dies.

fred’s ghost is never seen again in hogwarts

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Slytherin Network // Gryffindor Network // Hufflepuff Network

How to enter!
  • must be following Courtney
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  • members will be selected on May 22nd
What we're looking for
  • ravenclaws ofc
  • fandom/multifandom blogs
  • hp fans
  • active users
  • nice people
Benefits of being accepted 
  • help on edits, fics, etc.
  • a place to talk to friends with similar interests 
  • get promos/help when you’re close to a follower goal
  • fangirling 
What will happen
  • if you get accepted you will get a message asking for your email so i can invite you to the network
  • you’ll post an icon and short description for the members page
  • you’ll track the tag #ravenclawsnetwork
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i love in books when a character doesn’t know another characters name and they are just referred too by a prominent feature like “Long hair guy,” or like “mrs. weird smell,”

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I’m still here and I’m crazily in love with you. Please, stay.

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If i Stay Movie

That was perfect!

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tumblr went from loving john green to despising him in .2529035 seconds what the fuck even happened


this, and also ansel elgort played gus exactly how he was written and the general populace was apparently unprepared for that is what happened

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Percy Jackson, Rory Williams, Link.
asked by Anonymous
  • Husband: Rory (argh but also percy but rory)
  • Bestfriend: Percy
  • Brother: Link

send me the names of three guys and i’ll sort them!

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Are you ever just completely in love with max greenfield cuz I am, I really am

Honestly, yes. I love him on TMP right now and wish that they would write Schmidt better sometimes because Max is amazing and cracks me up! 

Yes! I love him in new girl but whenever I see him as other characters (mindy project, Veronica mars) I’m blown away all over again by how great of an actor he is and how freakin adorable

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New Girl cast - Live tweet

Read from the bottom!

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Are you ever just completely in love with max greenfield cuz I am, I really am